College Programs The “Juggling to Enrich”™ programs consist of three entertaining group presentations promoting confidence in self, the power of a positive attitude, and the importance of life-long learning. It all is woven within the concept of what it takes to learn to juggle. All programs are character building, with the goal of encouraging ambitious learning, developing productive citizens and community leaders. All programs are presented as a juggling educator/motivator. Group presentations are 45 to 50 minutes in length. See comments below from University of Louisville, Hanover College, and Ivy Tech Community College.
Reasons to Schedule a Program ASAP • Spice Up Orientation • Promote the Value of Education and Life-Long Learning • Have a Happy New Year Program in August or January • Set Up Juggling 101 Clinics for Physical Education Classes • Create Your Own Crazy Career (i.e. Teaching the World to Juggle) • Build Momentum Going in to Finals • Enhance Leadership Skills • Improve Unity for all Sport Teams • Host a Moving Staff Development • Just for Some Meaningful Fun
Juggling Up a Ladder The program is a one-man production with three-ball juggling tricks. The audience will not only be entertained, they will be introduced to the concept of the cascade pattern of juggling. The program takes the magic of juggling and breaks it down in to a highly learnable, step-by-step process. The lessons learned are woven within the concept of teaching oneself to juggle. The program promotes confidence in self, courage to learn and the value of life-long learning. The Positivity of Juggling The show begins with a display of three-ball trick juggling. The story line is built around the motivational qualities one discovers in oneself when one grasps the concept of juggling. Emphasis is placed on the importance of attitude and atmosphere in the learning process. The game changer is the power of positive reinforcement. There is nothing more valuable than the home court advantage. Root for yourself and others! Finding the Positive Spin Via the art of juggling, this program teaches the audience to believe in themselves and to view an obstacle as an opportunity for individual growth. It challenges the one to turn negatives into positives and stresses the importance of good, healthy choices for the short and long term. Juggling 101 Clinics This is a small group approach that features hands-on juggling clinics. Each session takes the magic of juggling and breaks it down into a hands-on, highly learnable, step by step process. Can be added to any of the total group programs or scheduled on its own as a full or half day of juggling clinics incorporated within physical education classes. Also incorporated are character building messages that promote independence through education. Staff Development This presentation draws from lessons learned in over two and a half decades of teaching the art of juggling. The messages from all the programs are highlighted throughout the presentation: courage to learn, the “sure you can” attitude, and turning negatives into positives. Feedback from Administrators, Staff and Coaches University of Louisville, Assistant Director for Programming Housing & Residence Life “Your message connecting positive attitude and success is important no natter the age and your style of presentation allows the audience to hear it a whole new way. I would highly recommend this type of program for any university groups wishing to spread the message you have. Juggling is such a great metaphor for what so many of us are doing in the university setting, that your presentation ties in nicely and in a fun way …” Hanover College Head Football Coach (2012 to 2015) “Paul Kelly came and talked with our football team and did not disappoint. He was able to adapt his “Juggling Up the Ladder” program specifically for our college-age players. He kept them engaged by making what he was teaching relevant to each of them. Setting goals, one at a time, before progressing to the next step, is advice we should all use in our daily lives, and Paul has a unique gift that enables him to pass the advice on to his audience in a meaningful way. Then, within minutes, he was able to use the basics of his program to have our players performing the basic steps of juggling. I would strongly recommend his program for anyone, regardless of age.” Ivy Tech Community College, Academic Advisor “Thank you so much for your willingness to bring your talents to Ivy Tech Community College. As an integral element of our GRIT (Getting Real at Ivy Tech) program, your presentations have been very motivating for our students. From learning a new skill to persevering in tough times, we discovered many important strategies and had a great deal of fun while doing so. I would highly recommend your programs to any school or organization in our area. Children and adults alike can glean significant life lessons in a fun and impactful way…” To inquire or to set up a program: Contact phone number - 800 264 8860 Contact by email using our contact form


Twenty-eight years of serving schools via the art of juggling as an educator motivator for over 500 schools  throughout 9 states.