Elementary Programs
The Juggling to EnrichTM programs consist of six total school assemblies. Programs are approximately 45 minutes. Juggling clinics can also be part of the format. See the quotes below from administrators, staff and students. PROGRAM 1 Juggling Up the Ladder: A versatile presentation that addresses many basic issues such as self-confidence, courage to learn, healthy choices, and life-long learning. The lessons learned are woven within the concept of teaching oneself to juggle. (Appropriate for K-12 and beyond) PROGRAM 2 The Sure You Can Show: Designed to encourage people to support each other as they take on new challenges. Teaches individuals to believe in themselves. Stresses the value of a positive attitude. The messages are built around displaying a variety of “new” juggling tricks. Can be a proactive way to deal with the issue of bullying. (Appropriate for K-6) PROGRAM 3 The Show Must Go On: This program turns negatives into positives by using creativity, imagination, and determination. Emphasizes how an obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Audience members help create a juggling show before their very eyes. (Appropriate for K-6) PROGRAM 4 The Kidpower Within: An assembly that stresses the value of the youthful mind through story telling and juggling. The challenge is to nurture and develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. (Appropriate for K-6) PROGRAM 5 The Positivity of Juggling: The show begins with a dazzling display of juggling. The story line is built around the motivational qualities one discovers in oneself when one grasps the concept of juggling. Emphasis is placed on the importance of attitude and atmosphere in the learning process. This program is designed to address the issue of bullying for elementary, intermediate, middle school, and high school age students. (Appropriate for K-12) PROGRAM 6 Finding the Positive Spin: Via the art of juggling, this program teaches students to believe in themselves and to view an obstacle as an opportunity for individual growth. It challenges the audience to turn negatives into positives and stresses the importance of good, healthy choices for the short and long term. This presentation is often utilized during Red Ribbon Week. (Appropriate for K-12) PROGRAM 7 Juggling 101...Builds confidence, addresses bullying, in small group format: Instructional juggling clinics, class by class. Each session takes the magic of juggling and breaks it down into a hands-on, highly learnable, step-by-step process. Can be added to any of the above programs by setting up juggling clinics for a few classes or every class in the building. Juggling clinics are 20 to 30 minutes in length. PROGRAM 8 : Staff Development: This presentation draws from lessons learned in over two and a half decades of teaching juggling. The messages from all the programs are highlighted throughout the presentation: courage to learn, the “sure you can” attitude, and turning negatives into positives. This can follow any of the above programs. Feedback from Administrators, Staff and Students Carter Traditional Elementary School, Kentucky, Counselor "It is without hesitation I recommend the “Sure You Can” show to others to address issues as they relate to bullying, peer relations, and a culture of confidence within a school. The program was well received by our students and staff...” Silver Creek Elementary School, Indiana, Principal “Mr. Kelly has helped our students have confidence in their ability to learn... We schedule his programs just before state testing, and it has helped our students do their best work on the test.” Unionville Elementary, Indiana, Principal "...Paul’s performances are masterfully planned and executed. He clearly has his finger on the pulse of education and does a wonderful job of mixing the idea of juggling with the broader topic of learning...” McFerran Preparatory Academy, Kentucky, Family Resource Center Coordinator "...The shows were engaging, motivational, and informative. It reinforced the idea that our students need to take steps to accomplish their goals in life. We would definitely schedule the program again as a lead up to state testing. Saint Ambrose Elementary, Anderson Indiana, Assistant Principal “… Your rapport with the students was outstanding from the beginning to the end of the program. In addition to bringing a great deal of laughter to the students, you delivered a very positive message about learning and the importance of believing in yourself. It was a most rewarding experience for our children. Your learning ladder analogy of the steps in developing juggling skills to learning in the classroom sent a powerful message that all the students in the audience could see and understand. It was also appreciated that you were able to involve so many students in your program. The students left the convocation “singing your praises” and with a feeling of renewed confidence in their own potential …” Prichard Elementary, Kentucky, FRC Director “Most importantly the program shows children how to set goals, no matter how impossible they may seem, and that by working toward those goals, one step at a time, they can achieve almost anything they want in life.” Vienna-Finley Elementary, Indiana, Music Teacher “Our son … learned to juggle because of you. He was in the fourth grade when you came to his school. It left quite an impact on him. He practiced juggling at home until he became very good. It was a life concept that left an impact that has positively affected his life. He is now 27 years old…he finished high school and college with top honors and is successful in his work. Thanks for the positive influence…" Crocker RII Elementary, Missouri, Counselor “All of our students, from preschoolers to the sixth graders, were captivated by your show. Your show is a fantastic way to teach students (and adults) how to set goals and achieve them”. North Calloway Elementary, Kentucky, Teacher “Mr. Kelly introduced the students to an analogy between learning to juggle and learning period. He was so positive in making the children believe that they can learn to do anything if they have the courage to try. What a great motivator he was to students and teachers alike.” Galena Elementary, Indiana, Teacher “A few years ago, our school was lucky enough to enjoy your Sure You Can presentation. My first graders and I were really motivated by your entertaining message…so much so that 'Sure You Can' became our class motto… your enduring message has remained: same motto and same bulletin board (refreshed each year, of course!) with each class of first graders.” St. Mary School, Connecticut, Principal “Paul, you were able to work well with both the pre-K through grade three group, as well as with our grades four through eight group. You adapted your program to each age level and provided a valuable yet entertaining experience.” Eggleston Elementary, Indiana, Sixth Grade Student "I really appreciated the gift of juggling you gave me... It has given me great joy and pleasure, especially when I pass it on to others..." To inquire or to set up a program: Contact phone number - 800 264 8860 Contact by email using our contact form
Reasons to Schedule a Program ASAP Promote the Value of Education & Life-Long learning Provide a Proactive Way to Address the Issue of Bullying Build Momentum Prior to Testing Kick-Off Testing Celebrate Red Ribbon Week In-House Field Trip Tours for the Whole School Catholic Schools Week Set the Tone for First Day of School Have a Happy New Year Show in August or January Practice the Left & Right Motion, which Boosts Reading Fluency Spice Up Orientations for High, Middle & Intermediate Schools Celebrate After Testing Thank Students for Strong Test Scores Send Off to Next Academic Level Host a Moving Staff Development Plan a Full-Day Program with Juggling Clinics for All Lutheran Schools Week Just for Some Meaningful Fun


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