Library Programs The “Juggling to Enrich”™ programs consist of 3 entertaining presentations promoting confidence in self, the power of a positive attitude, and the importance of life-long learning. It all is woven within the art of juggling. All programs are presented as a professional juggler. The presentations are 45 to 50 minutes in length. A free juggling clinic after the total group program can also be part of the format.
Libraries that have Selected a Program Multiple Times Batesville Memorial Library, In. Switzerland Co. Library, In. Jefferson Co. Library, In. Gallatin Co. Public Library, Ky. Trimble Co. Public Library, Ky. New Albany-Floyd Co. Library, In.
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 Juggling Up a Ladder The program is a one man production with three ball juggling tricks. The audience will not only be entertained, they will be introduced to the concept of the cascade pattern of juggling. The program takes the magic of juggling and breaks it down in to a highly learnable, step by step process. Some of the juggling utensils are baseballs, softballs, footballs, basketballs and clubs. All ages will enjoy. The Sure You Can Show New juggling tricks are to be introduced, but the guy behind the tie is not so sure he is ready to perform them. The audience's "sure you can" attitude enables him overcome his doubt. Even though it is struggle, with the encouragement and assistance he is able to perform the new juggling tricks. The Show Must Go On Everything is goes wrong. All the juggling props are lost. The guy behind the tie teams up with the audience to enable the show to happen. Together they use a little imagination, creativity and the resources that surround them to come up with enough odds and ends to put on the juggling show. Just by watching the show the audience will learn to create their own juggling utensils. PROGRAM 3 The Show Must Go On: This program turns negatives into positives by using creativity, imagination, and determination. Emphasizes how an obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Audience members help create a juggling show before their very eyes. (Appropriate for K-6) PROGRAM 4 The Kidpower Within: An assembly that stresses the value of the youthful mind through story telling and juggling. The challenge is to nurture and develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. (Appropriate for K-6) The Juggling 101 Option A juggling clinic for both children and parents can follow after the total group program. Depending on the age levels, the juggling utensils of choice will be juggle bags and/or scarves. Feedback from Children’s Librarians Lawrenceburg Public Library District, Indiana, “Paul Kelly takes kids inside the art and mystery of juggling with a fun, educational program that all ages will enjoy. This is much more than a simple juggling show. Kids actually learn to juggle using the step by step approach that is both simple and entertaining. Paul mixes performance with instruction and audience participation, keeping the kids involved and interested while teaching the basics of juggling … Our library patrons had a blast. From toddlers to teens, and even adults, every participant was laughing and learning each step of the way. The hands-on experience at the end of the program was priceless …” New Albany-Floyd County Public Library, Indiana “… He relates to the kids and their parents and he teaches them his skills, one step at a time! Paul supplies kids with the confidence to not only juggle but to do anything they want to do. When he juggles things like plastic bags, tennis racquets and footballs, he is proving that nothing is impossible. At the last performance I attended, a little boy told me he was awesome! That is the kind of role model that our kids need today. I want to give my stamp of approval because Paul has been a very loyal and faithful performer to us for many years. He never disappoints or fails to be a huge hit with patrons…” Jefferson County Public Library, Indiana “… Kids and parents alike are singing your praises and I believe that the kids will be talking about it for quite a while. You also made teaching juggling to 30 or so kids look almost easy. We would be delighted to have you visit our library again in the future.” To inquire or to set up a program: Contact phone number - 800 264 8860 Contact by email using our contact form


Twenty-eight years of serving schools via the art of juggling as an educator motivator for over 500 schools  throughout 9 states.