Middle School Programs
The Juggling to EnrichTM series consist of three total school assemblies. Programs are approximately 45 minutes. There is also something new for Physical Education classes! It is a day program of juggling clinics that can chime-in with P.E. classes. Both formats promote the value of education and have character building messages dealing with the issue of bullying and the importance of making good healthy decisions. See the quotes below from administrators, staff and students.  Reasons to Schedule a Program ASAP Promote the Value of Education & Life-Long learning Provide a Proactive Way to Address the Issue of Bullying Build Momentum Prior to Testing Kick-Off Testing Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Catholic Schools Week Set the Tone for First Day of School Have a Happy New Year Show in August or January Spice Up Orientations for High, Middle & Intermediate Schools Celebrate After Testing Thank Students for Strong Test Scores Send Off to Next Academic Level Host a Moving Staff Development Plan a Full-Day Program with Juggling Clinics for All Lutheran Schools Week Just for Some Meaningful Fun
Juggling Up the Ladder A versatile presentation that addresses many basic issues such as self-confidence, courage to learn, healthy choices, and life-long learning. The lessons learned are woven within the concept of teaching oneself to juggle. Administrators often select this program to kick off testing. (Appropriate for K-12 and beyond) The Positivity of Juggling...Ideal for anti-bullying The show begins with a dazzling display of juggling. The story line is built around the motivational qualities one discovers in oneself when one grasps the concept of juggling. Emphasis is placed on the importance of attitude and atmosphere in the learning process. This program is designed to address the issue of bullying for intermediate, middle school, and high school age students. (Appropriate for 4-12) Finding the Positive Spin...Ideal for Red Ribbon Week Via the art of juggling, this program teaches students to believe in themselves and to view an obstacle as an opportunity for individual growth. It challenges the audience to turn negatives into positives and stresses the importance of good, healthy choices for the short and long term. This presentation is often utilized during Red Ribbon Week. (Appropriate for 4-12) Juggling 101 Day Program Something new for physical education classes. Instructional juggling clinics that chime-in with regularly scheduled physical education classes. Each session takes the art of juggling and breaks it down into a hands-on, highly learnable step by step process. A combo that features both presentations and clinics promote the value of education and has character building messages dealing with the issues of bullying and the importance of making good healthy decisions. Staff Development This presentation draws from lessons learned in over two and a half decades of teaching juggling. The messages from all the programs are highlighted throughout the presentation: courage to learn, the “sure you can” attitude, and turning negatives into positives. This can follow any of the above programs. Feedback from Administrators, Staff and Students Potosi Middle School, Missouri, Teacher "Paul Kelly visited our Potosi Middle School in October, and it left an impression on me as an educator. I can’t help but feel it did the same for our students. The program would fit in any area of a person’s life, no matter the age. Our students were held captive with his juggling, humor, and storytelling. What a gift Mr. Kelly possesses! Our gymnasium was full of seventh and eighth graders who did not take their eyes off of him." Grayson County Middle School, Kentucky, Principal "Our 1000 6th - 8th graders were thrilled with the program, which featured juggling as an example of something that could be learned by anyone who was willing to set goals, practice steps diligently, and not give up at the first failure. He spoke to our students about how they can do great things in life if they dedicate themselves to their dreams and not be discouraged by a failure or two.” Jennings County Middle School, Indiana, Teacher "Mr. Paul Kelly has come to our middle school for several years. Each year his juggling presentation has the full attention of our students. He demonstrates, explains, invites participation, and encourages in such a way that the students want to get involved. In his teaching the basics of juggling, he incorporates positive life lessons. His time with our students is filled with high energy, respect, and mixed with a lot of humor. His juggling presentation helps us meet several Indiana Academic Standards." University of Louisville, Assistant Director for Programming "Your message connecting positive attitude and success is important no matter the age, and your style of presentation allows the audience to hear it a whole new way. I especially appreciated you spending extra time after the program had ended to work with those who were impassioned to master juggling that night. Your patience with these eager students meant a lot to them. It is clear you love what you do, and your joy is contagious." North Harrison Middle School, Indiana, Counselor "Paul’s programs are so versatile, and they address so many of the most basic educational issues today (i.e. learning, character, healthy choices, motivation, attitude, self esteem, etc.)." KIPP Academy, Texas, Middle School Principal "This was a recipe to learn how to do anything, and [Mr.Kelly’s] lessons have definitely shone throughout our campus since." Paoli Community Junior-Senior High School, Indiana, Principal "We were delighted to have you entertain and educate our junior high students this morning. It was uplifting to see the faces of kids as they were drawn into the positive, inspirational program. Thank you for the professional manner in which you corresponded with us in arranging for your program. Best wishes and keep up the good work." Scott County Middle School, Kentucky, Signed by Eight Teachers "The students and faculty of Scott County Middle School have had the pleasure of being entertained by Paul Kelly of the Serious O’Sillies Company for many years. His programs for promoting self-esteem, instilling the value of education, goal setting, and career planning have been well received. The ability to send a clear, concise message while entertaining is a special talent of Mr. Kelly’s." Wood Middle School, Missouri, Principal "The program was not only entertaining but informative as well; Your concept of juggling is a graphic illustration of the way to success. The presentation to the seventh and eighth graders was especially surprising as it is often difficult to keep the attention of that age group and to [produce] positive displays of behavior. Your program held their attention and kept them involved …" Eggleston Elementary, Indiana, Sixth Grade Student "I really appreciated the gift of juggling you gave me... It has given me great joy and pleasure, especially when I pass it on to others..." To inquire or to set up a program: Contact phone number - 800 264 8860 Contact by email using our contact form


Twenty-eight years of serving schools via the art of juggling as an educator motivator for over 500 schools  throughout 9 states.