Pre-Kindergarten Programs The Juggling to Enrich ProgramsTM consists of two total school assembly programs. Each programs lasts 30 to 40 minutes in length. Hands-on juggling clinics with scarves can also be part of the format. See letters of recommendation below.
Reasons to Schedule a Program ASAP • Promote the Value of Education & Life-Long learning • Provide a Proactive Way to Address the Issue of Bullying • Set the Tone for First Day of School • Have a Happy New Year Show in August or January • Practice the Left & Right Motion, which Boosts Reading Fluency • Send Off to Next Academic Level • Host a Moving Staff Development • Just for Some Meaningful Fun
The Sure You Can Show Designed to encourage people to support each other as they take on new challenges. Teaches individuals to believe in themselves. Stresses the value of a positive attitude. The messages are built around displaying a variety of “new” juggling tricks. Can be a proactive way to deal with the issue of bullying. Juggling Up the Ladder A versatile presentation that addresses many basic issues such as self-confidence, courage to learn, healthy choices, and life-long learning. The lessons learned are woven within the concept of teaching oneself to juggle. Juggling 101 With Scarves Instructional juggling clinics, class by class. Each session takes the magic of juggling and breaks it down into a hands-on, highly learn-able, step-by-step process. Can be added to any of the above programs. Clinics last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Staff Development This presentation draws from lessons learned in over two and a half decades of teaching juggling. The messages from all the programs are highlighted throughout the presentation: courage to learn, the “sure you can” attitude, and turning negatives into positives. This can follow any of the above programs. Feedback from Administrators and Staff East College Early Childhood Center, Kentucky, Teacher "I have been teaching at East College for six years and have seen many people come to our school for assemblies. To this date, Connor the Clown has been the best. His Sure You Can Show was a hit with our students and his juggling ability and showmanship is second to none." The Jennings County Schools Early Learning Center, Indiana, Teacher "I think the students will remember your 'Sure You Can' attitude as they try to master new things - whether if be sports or academics or a new life skills...". Adath Jeshurun Preschool and Kindergarten, Kentucky, Director "Thank you for the wonderful show. The teachers are always impressed how well you are able to keep the young children's interest. You are always enthusiastic and energetic." Campbellsburg Elementary, Kentucky, Kindergarten Teacher "The audience participated throughout the show, and he kept their attention the entire time. I would recommend this show to any school. We all need help in creating a positive atmosphere." To inquire or to set up a program: Contact phone number - 800 264 8860 Contact by email using our contact form


Twenty-eight years of serving schools via the art of juggling as an educator motivator for over 500 schools  throughout 9 states.