Sports Team Development

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For All Sports (football, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc.) Juggling Up Team Unity The total group program builds self-confidence, self-awareness and team unity. After Paul’s dazzling display of juggling, a challenge goes out to all team members that each one can learn to juggle. It all starts by breaking juggling down into a highly learnable, step-by-step process. Once the concept of juggling is understood, members have the confidence and the courage to put the learning into action. The final phase of the presentation turns into a total team hands-on juggling clinic. That is when the other major benefit starts to kick in: juggling improves eye-hand coordination. Juggling also enhances the feel and touch for the ball an athlete is catching or throwing. Juggling betters the odds of catching any object. It can also improve accuracy in throwing. This program is presented by Paul Kelly in his professional juggler/motivational speaker mode. (Appropriate for all ages) The Hanover College Head Football Coach from 2012 to 2015, Steve Baudendistel, had this to say about the team sports presentation: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ An interesting happenstance: What are the odds? Watching a fantastic game-winning catch during NFL’s Sunday night football sparked this idea of teaching juggling to benefit the performance for sporting teams. The receiver touched the ball three times before he was able to corral it into his arms as he fell into the end zone. At that very moment it crossed my mind that every football receiver should learn to juggle. That next week I was doing my annual Juggling 101 sessions for physical education classes at a middle school. One of the teachers had seen the same fantastic touchdown catch over the weekend. After seeing that amazing catch, he too had the same idea. When I walked into his class, he was quick to tell me about the benefit of teaching juggling to football teams. The Hanover College football coach was my first call. Coach “B” liked the idea. He went on to say, “I’ve taught all my receivers to juggle.” We figured out later that I was the one that taught him to juggle when he was a seventh grader at St. Lawrenceburg School. Coach Baudendistel set up a program so all his players could benefit.


Twenty-eight years of serving schools via the art of juggling as an educator motivator for over 500 schools  throughout 9 states.